Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Silence for a few days

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I will be silent on this page for a few days. I will be heading out to the East Coast to visit my Dad who has non-small cell carcinoma in four different areas of his body. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Coming up:

I've been commissioned by Catholic Online to write a four-part series on slavery around the world. Look for that in the next three weeks or so.

I also have some things up my sleeve that address the second part of my blog's purpose.

BTW, I received a request for RSS feed capabilities. I think I've done that, but it's way down at the bottom of the page. If there's anyone who could help me place it better, please send me an e-mail at tom.3z@catholicexchange.com. Thanks in advance for the help.

1 comment:

Bob Adams said...

I'm not sure what feedburner is but blogger provides an rss feed automatically. You're feed through blogger is:


It works fine. That's how I spotted your new post.

P.S. hope everything works out well for your father.