Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Are we worried yet?

Michael Paulson wrote this article in the wake of Father Tom Reese's leaving America magazine. The problem with his article is that, besides Father Richard John Neuhaus, Paulson talked to no one else in the Catholic publishing world who is solidly orthodox.

Tom Hoopes, Greg Erlandson, Tim Hickey, Gerry Korson, Bob Moynihan, Phil Lawler, Cherie Peacock, Brian Saint Paul, etc., etc., I'm quite sure are not lying awake at night wondering, "Am I next?"

Nor are Father Terrence Henry at Steubenville or the presidents of Christendom, Thomas Aquinas, UD, Magdalen, etc., convening emergency meetings of their trustees to discuss the so-called "chilling effect" this move will supposedly have on academic freedom and publishing.

So one wonders, if those other editors and presidents that Paulson reported on are so worried about Father Tom's departure, how Catholic can they be?

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