Monday, December 26, 2005

Where the news really is -- and was missed

It was a sad Christmas in St. Louis. There are all kinds of stories this morning about the illicit Christmas Mass that Father Marek Bozek presided over at St. Stanislaus Church in St. Louis. It was illicit because Father Bozek left his assignment at the Cathedral in Springfield, Mo., without his bishop's permission, and indeed, against his bishop's will, and was "hired" by the six-member board at St. Stan's.

This action, of course, put them outside of the Catholic Church for a very simple reason -- laity do not have the authority to hire their priests. They are assigned by their bishops, as the successors of the apostles, to wherever the bishop requires them.

Anyway, the stories say that anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 people were present at this illicit Mass and that, therefore, anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 people now have gravely sinful matter to bring to Confession.

But one wonders -- how many people were at Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis? Or at the Old Cathedral? Or at St. Agatha's where Archbishop Raymond Burke transferred the Polish apostolate to? I can bet there were a lot more than 2,000 people in those three places combined. And how many were at the rest of the parishes throughout the City of St. Louis? Then, St. Stan's becomes a drop in the bucket and one then wonders what the media fuss is all about.

One also wonders what the Archbishop said in his homily. But, of course, all the reporters were at the schismatics' church and not at the Cathedral to hear the Archbishop, or at St. Agatha's to see how many Poles are being faithful to the Church. All of this tells you a lot, not about what's going on in St. Louis, but about where the affections of the media lie.


Domenico said...


That's a good point. Be sure to mention it in your article. :)

Michael Kreidler said...

My In-Laws live in St. Louis. We had a talk about this situation. They had sympathies toward St. Stan's regarding what they perceived as unfair treatment. My point was that the parish is called to be obedient whether the perceived injustice was real or not. It is sad that people came in from out of town to 'celebrate' the schism. The reality is that in a few months (weeks?) when it is no longer novel, St. Stans will have to face the grim reality that they have put themselves outside the fold. They will have to face the finanacial and spiritual realities. These six 'popes' on the board cannot succeed. Schismatics never do. Sadly, they become what they perceived they were rebelling against.

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