Tuesday, January 24, 2006

We need them all

A reflection on the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade:

I've never been a leader in the pro-life movement, though I know many of them, and I know them in many different parts of the movement. And they're all good people, people who are sincere about what they are doing and who are doing great good where they are.

But what irritates to me to no end is when they think their part of the movement is the best, or the only one necessary, or the only one that's really going to make a difference. It irritates me because they're all wrong. And it irritates me because they're giving in to pride, which will only lead to division.

What all pro-life leaders need to learn is this basic truth -- every legitimate aspect of the movement is needed. We need the lobbyists who will help to change the laws. We need the people on the sidewalks who will help dissuade women from having abortions now. We need the crisis pregnancy centers who welcome women in who are single and alone and need help. We need the advertising people to help people understand fetal development. We need the educators who will teach people about the various life issues.

No one can do it all. The lobbyists cannot say, "We don't need people in front of the clinics." Well, we do need them there because the laws haven't been changed yet. The sidewalk counselors can't say, "We don't need the lobbyists" because who else is going to work on getting the laws changed?

If any of this sounds familiar, it should. I remember an Apostle saying something like, "The hand cannot say to the head, 'I do not need you......'"

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