Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sam Alito part of Opus Dei?

The link is over to the radically left site of CounterPunch. I know next to nothing about them. But I do know that they are typical in their attack on the Church being made in complete ignorance of fact.

I have my problems with Opus Dei, as I do with many of the Church's new renewal movements. However, they are not comparable to Nazi soldiers (the analogy is so overused that it is in danger of becoming trivial), nor are they any kind of elite shock troops. Yes, they do tend to reach out to the wealthy and privileged more than to the poor. But the Gospel must be preached to all, not only to the poor. And besides, as Mother Teresa constantly pointed out, there is poverty in far more ways than the lack of money.

If Justice Alito is part of Opus Dei, so what? The issue for the American people isn't his religious affiliations -- the issue is the fairness of his rulings.

As for all the other things Mr. Carmichael talks about, they're all a bunch of nonsense. What Samuel Alito's supposed membership in Opus Dei has to do with the priestly sex abuse scandal or with Cardinal Ratzinger's letter on Communion for politicians is beyond me. To be sure, the former Cardinal's letter had as much to do with Bush winning the White House as did the phase of the moon and the number of tea leaves that were raised in China that year. Such stupidity should probably be ignored, but sometimes stupidty can have the look of intelligence and it is that look that has to be defended against.

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