Monday, April 03, 2006

Benedict the Nice Guy

Pretty much all the coverage about Pope Benedict XVI is almost fauning as they trip over themselves to say that "God's Rottweiler" is really a nice guy and he hasn't done anything really, well, conservative. (The exception to this is the gay press, which is excoriating him as a gay-hater.) And isn't it amazing that his first encyclical was on love, even on erotic love?

Sorry, but this is simply stupid. None of these people who are reporting on him now ever took the time to read what he had to say before he was elected pope. If they had, they would have known that he is and always has been a nice guy. None of the "conservatives" whose opinion was sought by the press ever thought of him as anything but a most gracious gentleman and they knew his style -- consultation with everyone who has expertise on a matter and then make a decision. That is obviously not the Rottweiler of their imaginings.

Those who say he really hasn't said anything "conservative" haven't read him closely. His audiences have clearly stated the truth of the Catholic faith. His addresses have clearly stated what the Church teaches and what she doesn't. As Father Fessio observed, there are logical consequences to what he said in Deus caritas est.

As for those conservatives who are upset that he hasn't done anything quickly enough, they need to cool their jets. Being pope isn't easy and it takes time to effect changes.

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