Sunday, May 28, 2006

Good news in Austin

According to Wesley Smith, Mrs. Yolang Vo in Austin has a reprieve (see my previous posting here). The hospital she is at, St. David's in Austin, has agreed to extend the deadline for keeping her there until July 17 (a significant date for yours truly) in order to stabilize her for home care.

As Wesley said, "Good for St. David's. I believe that most people in these situations want to do the right thing, but have a profound difference about what that 'thing' is. I also believe that casting the light of the sun into these cases helps tremendously in convincing hospital administration not to impose medical futility. Nonetheless, credit should be given when credit is due. As [Jerr] Ward [attorney for the family] also told me, 'When hospitals do something good, I think it should be noted.'"

This is certainly true. However, one wonders why it takes a public campaign like the one waged by Jerri Ward, Wesley Smith, Drew Mariani, Mrs. Vo's family and others in order for the hospital to see the way to the right thing.

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