Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A manly bishop he is not

Notice how the Times Union is pushing this issue -- as something almost dependent on the laity when in fact, it is a leadership issue for Bishop Howard Hubbard to deal with. Granted, he can't do much if the population of the area in general is declining. But he can still do a lot when it comes to telling the truth of the Gospel and attracting men to the priesthood through that.

That's what men like Bishops Bruskevitz of Lincoln, Sam Aquila of Fargo and his now-deceased predecessor James Sullivan, and Robert Carlson of Saginaw, Michigan, have all done and they have shamed many of their big city brethren by consistently ordaining large numbers of men in areas that are losing population. And they did it simply by being men -- men who are not dictators, but truly manly in their own character, who stand up for the truth and preach it whether it's convenient or inconvenient, in season or out.

If only Howard Hubbard and his ilk would learn that same lesson.


Barb, sfo said...

I'm not a regular reader of our diocese's newspaper (I'd rather read the N.C. Register, thanks) but last week I picked it up. The number of ads and articles on their "Institute for Lay Ecclesial Ministry" or whatever it is called was astounding. If they'd only invest such resources into fostering priestly vocations (and religious life as well) thing would be way different.

Deacon Jim said...

Actually, the population in New York's Capital Region is growing. Nanotech and other high-tech firms are moving in with jobs and people following.

The Albany MSA has the lowest level of unemployment in all of NY (NY State = 4.5%, Capital Region = 3.8%)

And the natural follow-on question would be?