Monday, February 21, 2005

My stuff on the web

Here is a listing of articles I've written that are on the Internet.

When birth means death
An extensive piece on the practice known as "Early Induction for Fetuses with Anomalies Incompatible with Life" done at Catholic hospitals. But there was a very important piece that was dropped because of space. Here it is at the Heart, Mind, Strength blog.
Here's a link to Jill Stanek's column that later on touched off a furor about this.
And here is a piece I wrote in the National Catholic Register about it.

Beware of 'good' causes -- that support abortion
First published in OSV, then picked up by Catholic Way on Christianity Today's site,

Archbishop Raymond L. Burke
I've done a lot on this bishop's bishop. The title is a link to an interview with him for Inside the Vatican. Here it as reprinted in Women for Faith and Family.
Here's another piece I did on him for San Diego News Notes, recalling what the late Bishop Leo Maher of San Diego had done in a similar vein.
This is something I did on him for Catholic World Report, and this one for OSV.
And finally, this is a piece on did defending his actions that appeared in the Journal Times of Racine, Wis., and in the Capitol Times of Madison. A fee, though, is required to access the archives.

On a related topic, this was done for about the Catholic Answers guide for voters and the opposition it received from within the Church.

The Lost Boys of Sudan
I've had an interest in the Sudanese conflict for much longer than the recent Darfur genocide. I did this piece for Catholic World Report on some of the "Lost Boys" of Sudan whom I found very close to home.
Here's another piece I did about Wisconsin's investments in a Canadian firm doing business in Sudan when I was editor of the Times Review (now The Catholic Times) in the Diocese of La Crosse. Interestingly, the officials in the state office told me they would not do anything about it, particularly under public pressure. So a year later I decided to write another piece admonishing the state on the issue and passed it around to the other diocesan editors in the state. I got a call from one of them -- she had called the state office and was told the state had pulled out their investments.

The Passion of the Christ
I interviewed Jim Caviezel for OSV on playing Jesus in The Passion of the Christ. This is the shortened interview, but if you want to read the whole thing in Polish, you can find it here and here. (No, I don't know Polish. It was translated for me by Professor Olgierda Furmanek at Wake Forest University.)
Later, I'll post the whole thing in English.
This interview was with Michael Medved; this is about the post-production controversy, and this is about the whole controversy.

Sex abuse -- outside the Catholic Church
A look at how others are dealing with this issue -- or not.
And this is what was happens when states think they have to legislate to prevent abuse.

I've done a number of things on stem cells and the like. This is something from OSV on the topic. I did this on the California ballot initiative where those voters have sold themselves down the river.
Here is an article I did for Columbia magazine that is reprinted in the bulletin for Our Lady of Las Vegas Parish in (where else?) Las Vegas (requires PDF).

End of life
When in March of 2004, John Paul II said people in the so-called "persistent vegetative state" need to be given food and water, certain people in the Catholic health care world reacted with, well, to be charitable, a certain amount of skeptism. Read about it in this CWR piece I did.

This is an article on Alfred Kinsey and his supposedly "scientific" analysis of human sexuality. This isn't even the half of it, though. Dr. Judith Reisman has done the best work on this.

NFP and China
It was a curious thing to find out that Communist China is allowing -- and even encouraging -- NFP to be taught to its citizens while we have certain Catholic people who will not allow its teaching in certain Catholic venues.

The attack on marriage
Traditional marriage is under attack, as is well-known. I did this on the failed first vote on the Federal marriage amendment.
Also for OSV, I interviewed Michael O'Brien, the well-known Canadian author and artist about a law passed in Canada that could make it difficult for traditional people to speak out on this issue. This is the full-length version which is on Michael's website.

The secret meeting's fallout
Church politics are something I like to cover. So when a wealthy man from Boston held a secret meeting between laity and the leadership of the USCCB, I thought it was one of the curiouser things I've heard of. This story, for CWR, was about a second meeting that seemed to imply the Church needs to adapt a business model of governance.
Here's something about why bishops and theologians can have difficulty getting along.

Catechism texts and big business
Many of the catechism textbooks used by Catholic children are published by such giants in the publishing industry as McGraw-Hill and Harcourt. This article examines what the consequences are.

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