Saturday, February 19, 2005

Welcome to Epiphany

I've long wanted to start a publication called "Epiphany." It seems a great name for what we laity are called to do -- show forth or manifest the Word of God in our daily lives. I hope that's what will happen in this blog. Someday I will post how I came up with this name -- I think it's an interesting story and perhaps others will.

This blog will serve as an outlet for two things: 1) Original commentary on events in the world and the Catholic Church from my perspective, and 2) Original reporting on things which I believe are either ignored or underreported in the secular or Catholic press.

I welcome comments and other viewpoints so long as they are kept charitable. Those that are not will be pulled.

I look forward to this new adventure and to hearing from others.


TMB said...

The Church and American culture needs a strong Catholic press, with insightful and talented writers and investigative reporters. Tom S+11 is one of the best in the country. I welcome the introduction of Epiphany, and I look forward to reading the best here from thoughful Catholics from around the world. TMB

deacon said...

Dear Tom

I am thrilled you have begun "epiphany". Your gifts for writing and leading others to the truth need to be shared widely. How appropraite fitting to launch on the trail of Pope John Pauls' Wonderful Apostolic Letter "Rapid Development", on the new media technologies and their role in this missionary age. Gods Blessings!

Twerpette said...

Dude! Great to discover you have a blog! I'm Twerpette on Blogger. God bless! Steve your old bro from the Catholic Bulletin