Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Blasphemy of the worst order on eBay

Going to this link, you will find that a man from Sloane, Iowa (Diocese of Sioux City), placed for auction a consecrated host he took while he was at Mass with John Paul the Great at Piazza San Pietro in 1998. This opportunist and non-believer partook of Communion and then went back to get another host and kept the second in order to put it up for auction when the Pope died.

While this man was very wrong to do this and will have to pay for his crime before God, eBay has an even greater responsibility because they allowed the offense to occur. I put calls into the Diocese of Sioux City (to inform them it was happening), William Donohue at the Catholic League, and William Cobb, the president of eBay North America.

To call Mr. Cobb, dial 1-408-376-7400, punch in "0" to get the company directory, then punch in 2622#, then 2, and you should get his voicemail. I respectfully, but firmly, told him that the selling of this item is extremely offensive to Catholics and it is wrong for them to allow this.

The Host and its accompanying items were sold and my understanding is that it was a devout Catholic who paid the "Buy It Now" price of $2,000 in order to properly dispose of It.

What I hope is that enough people will call eBay to let them know the offense they have made and that they will rule the sale illegal or invalid or whatever they do so that it does not go forward.

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