Monday, April 11, 2005

A wee bit paranoid, Hans? Or are we now believing in Dan?

Maybe Hans read a little too much of Dan Brown and has joined Brown's followers in believing there's some sort of consipiracy in the upcoming conclave.

I mean, really, Hans. Cardinal Ratzinger got the crowds going on wanting John Paul the Great canonized right away? So how many of those Italians with the "Santo Subito" signs met in his office before the funeral Mass? Who were the plants in the crowd to get the "santo, santo" chants going?

Of course, what Küng and company fail to understand is that the consipiracy, as understood in the pejorative sense of that word, would be to overthrow the teaching of the Church, not to keep the teaching of the Church over the last 2,000 years. (To "conspire" means literally to breathe together, so there can be a consipiracy for good as well as for evil, but it is obviously used in common parlance for the latter, not the former.) So if anyone is looking for a consipiracy, look for something coming from Küng, Thomas Cahill or Brown and their ilk.

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