Saturday, April 02, 2005

Unpredicatble consequences?

This is from the Washington Post:
Because he has ruled for so long and with such an iron will, the death of John Paul is certain to have unpredictable consequences, unleashing forces and momentum that have been pent up for years and shaking an established order that faces a wide range of challenges to its authority and certitude.
OK, everyone -- find your fallout suits and head for the nearest church basement or shelter marked with the heretical-free-zone sign. The next pope is going to be a weak-kneed idiot who is going to let everything out of control, so head for the hills.

How little these blathering Post writers and others understand that the Church ain't simply about politics. Sure, politics are there and I cover those politics regularly. But, of course, that's not all she's about. She is, in the words of (would you believe it?) Archbishop John Vlazney of Portland, Ore. (never thought I'd be quoting him favorably), "God’s plan for continuing the mystery of the Incarnation, the divine presence of our loving God in human flesh, throughout the ages and across this globe."

Until they understand that in faith, they aren't going to get it right at all.

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Jeff Miller said...

Surprising they didn't say iron fist instead of iron will. This of course reflects their view that the Catholic Church is only driven by the Pope and the hierarchy and that a change in either will result in u-turns on Church doctrine.

I have wondered if a thousand years from now when the Church has still not given in to secular philosophy how they will explain this?